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Mobile Meals of Hamilton Township, Inc., organized in 1975, delivers hot, nutritious meals to Hamilton residents whose physical, mental or social conditions require a home-delivered meal service. Qualified individuals are homebound, chronically ill, handicapped or convalescing. Age or financial ability is not a factor. There is no limit on length of service although it varies with each individual client. The objective of Mobile Meals of Hamilton Township, Inc. is to aid in providing adequate nutrition for the elderly and handicapped. This service enables them to maintain health and independence in their home for a longer period. Daily meal delivery also decreases the feeling of isolation often experienced by the homebound. Hot afternoon meals are professionally planned and prepared by Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital at Hamilton dietary staff. Meals are delivered five days a week by a group of caring and dedicated volunteers.

Ways to Help

Opportunies Abound

Can you offer your time and your kindness to deliver meals to those who need it most? Have no time? Consider a one time or recurring monthly gift via this website or on your online banking app. Click here to donate time or funding.

Our Volunteers

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Some of our volunteers share their story and stories of how Mobile Meals has touched their lives. Some individuals or couples volunteer, they come to work and experience the soul enrichment via kindness shown to others. Click here to find stories from people who want to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

about Mobile Meals

How much does a client pay for meals, who makes the food, what does a client recieve for a meal? For volunteers, what should I expect, where do we meet, how long does a day's delivery take, do I need a partner? All these questions and more will be answered by clicking here. You will be taken to the FAQ page.

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Us in Action

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Here's where our volunteers shine...doing work for the good of society. Helping, befriending, delivering meals, sspending a few moments with the lonely, etc. The volunteers are the heart and soul of this organization and we love them very much. Look in their eyes...the joy of giving exudes. Join us, we'll help others...and ourselves. Click here to enjoy our photo gallery.

Saying Thank You

Meet Our Current Donors

There is no better way to thank our donors than by asking you to please consider patronizing their businesses. By their grace we have been able to serve our fellow citizens with delicious staples and snacks. We say thank you to these socially conscious organizations. Find out a little bit about our donors by clicking here.

Our Metrics

ordinary to ex·traor·di·nar·y

Simply put, we exceed in all of our metrics we set for ourselves.

Our relationship with Robert Wood Johnson Hospital in Hamilton ensures each client receives hot, restaurant quality, nutritious, meals and snacks.

Our client and volunteer retention are second to none. Clients usually stay until something in their living arrangement or health changes. No one is ever turned away due to their age or their ability to pay.

Regarding volunteers, there are always those who come and go, but our core have remained with us for decades. The people who deliver form bonds with the clients on their delivery route, it is truly a beautiful thing.

Fundraising never ends.

Proven Results

with a lot of help

Client Satisfaction 93%
Client Retention 82%
Volunteer Retention 90%
On Time Delivery 90%
Fundraising 50%

We Cannot Do It Without You

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Many good people want to help, many don't know where to begin. Our organization gives people like you an opportunity to help in our backyard. To do good for others. That is where happiness and self-satisfaction live.

Donate Your Time

A rewarding experience

If you've never spent time helping others by "getting your hands dirty" delivering meals and random gift bags to the elderly population in Hamilton Township, New Jersey...well you're in for an uplifting experience. Robert Ingersoll so aptly stated: "We rise by lifting others." Join us, feel the rush of doing work to help others.


We deliver meals each weekday via four different routes through the township. The whole process requires less than 2 hours of your time beginning at 10:45am.


Most volunteers report forming strong bonds with the clients on their routes. Birthdays are celebrated, family pictures are shared, phone calls and visits are not uncommon after the clients come to know them.

Monetary Donation

One time or recurring

You can donate once or make a monthly recurring donation. To make the one-time donation, simply click on the Paypal button below and you'll be taken to our PayPal portal. If you would like your donation to repeat monthly, on the opening page in PayPal, check the box labelled "Make this a monthly donation". You will be known as a Sustaining Donor. Gestures such as the monthly recurring donation help Mobile Meals budget and plan accordingly better than any other. Your generosity is deeply appreciated.


You do not need a Paypal account to donate through PayPal.


If you prefer, use your online banking app to set up an ACH donation. Should you have questions about how to set up a one-time or recurring donation using your banking app, contact your bank's technical support department.

Another option, send a check to:

Mobile Meals of Hamilton Township Inc
2277 Rte. 33, Suite 404
Hamilton Square, NJ 08690

A life well lived.

A friend, compassionate and empathetic. Please take a moment to read about Dr. Venkateswaraiyer Subramoni, "Dr. V", who will forever hold a special place in our hearts.

Many years ago, Mobile Meals of Hamilton Township made a friend…a very special friend… Dr. Venkateswaraiyer Subramoni, a well known, compassionate human being who just happened to be a doctor. Most of his patients considered him their friend. He brought a warm and friendly feel to his profession, listening to the concerns of his patients, deciding on their treatment, spending time with them, talking about their families, sports, and their personal interests. His patients knew his time was precious, yet he was offering himself to them during that visit. His long time Office Manager, Shirley Gray told me that it was not uncommon for him to make house calls to those who had difficulty getting around.
It comes as no surprise that our paths would cross as we both committed ourselves to making a difference in the lives of our friends and neighbors in Hamilton. "Dr. V” was acutely aware of the needs of those in our community – as a Staff Physician at Robert Wood Johnson Barnabas Health, then known as Hamilton Hospital, he knew if someone was alone and what they would need upon discharge. At the top of the list was nutrition, a key component of healing…our program was at the top of his list, especially when the convalescence of his beloved patients was at stake.
Through the years, he never forgot Mobile Meals of Hamilton, referring patients to our program when a home delivered meal service was needed. Everyone knew "Dr. V”, and when they spoke of him, there was a common theme…how this kind man gave of himself to help his patients and how he had the gift of making them feel like family.
Recently, I received a phone call from Dr. Jaya Subramoni, his wife of 52 years, informing me of his passing. The pandemic did not allow us to say goodbye, but "Dr. V” will remain in the hearts of those associated with Mobile Meals of Hamilton Township and its cause. He and his family, his dear wife Jaya, daughter Meena and son Raja have bestowed a financial gift to our organization to memorialize Dr. Venkateswaraiyer Subramoni. This will allow us to continue to assist all of our neighbors in Hamilton who request home delivered meals when their lives dictate it, regardless of their ability to pay.
I extend heartfelt thanks to the Subramoni Family on behalf of the Board of Directors and the many clients whose lives were touched by this exceptional man.
Eileen Eversheim
Executive Director

The People Who Give Us Direction

We are grateful for the following individuals who lend their time and talents to this organization.
Mobile Meals of Hamilton Township, Inc. is built on their foundation of care and kindness.

Eileen Eversheim

Executive Director

Click here to read a message from Ms. Eversheim.

Board of Directors

Listing of Members and Their Affiliations

Dr. James A. Federici - Board Chairman
Greg Blair, Nottingham Insurance - Board Vice Chairman
Jennifer Kent, Wells Fargo & Co. - Board Treasurer
Doreen Goch, First Commerce Bank - Board Secretary

Members At Large
Greg Foster, 1st Presbyterian Church of Hamilton Square
Keith Graser, Eastern Auto Parts Warehouse
Jason LaViscount, Asst. Vice President, investors Bank
Indulis Liepins
Joseph R. Pratico, Talent Acquisition, Verizon
Mary Jane Lockwood
Rev. Robert Marks - Sr. Pastor, St. Mark United Methodist Church
Yolanda Stinger - Director of Marketing and Community Relations, Hamilton Continuing Care Center
Marion Zajac
Diana Zita - CEO, Hamilton Area YMCA

Eileen Eversheim - Executive Director

Please help, so many count on us